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The Fraternity



Art. 2- The objective of the Fraternity is to turn attention from the world
and towards God, trying to aid all those in need, preserving and observing
the principles of Christian chivalry, which consecrates the value, ideals
and virtues of loyalty, courage, faith, humility, valour, defence of those
in need, generosity, nobility, honesty and justice.

Art. 3- The Fraternity is based in the City of General San Martín, Province
of Buenos Aires, Republic of Argentina.

Art. 4- The Fraternity is autonomous and independent, and its authority
rests in the freely expressed will of its members.

Art. 5- The Chapter General, which includes all members, is the highest
authority of the Fraternity. It will meet in a Ordinary Meeting once per
year, between the months of August and November, on a date announced by the

Art. 6- The Chapter General may meet in an Extraordinary Assembly, if called
by the Regent, or at the request of at least a fifth of the total Member. In
the latter case, the meeting will be called within thirty days of the
request. The Assembly will be held between sixty and one hundred and twenty
days of its being called.

Art. 7- The quorum for holding a Chapter General is half of the members,
plus one. The meeting will commence within ninety minutes of its scheduled
time, with the Members who are present.

Art. 8- Agreements and resolutions of the Chapter General will be adopted by
votes of a simple majority of Members present, with the exception of the
total or partial reform of these states, which require a majority of two
thirds of the total of the Members of the Fraternity.

Art. 9- The Chapter General has the following powers:

a-    The adoption of doctrinal and political principles of the Fraternity, in
accordance with the its statutes.
b-    The determination of the rules of the Fraternity.
c-    The election of authorities.
d-    The Ratification, modification or rescinding of decisions adopted- in
cases of extreme urgency- by the Regent..
e-    To decide any other matters of an internal or external nature.

Art. 10- The expression of ideas of one Assembly will not be subject to
susequent censorship.

Art. 11- The administration of the Fraternity will be exercised by one
Member, who will act as a Regent.The duration of his term of office will by
for the year following his election at an Ordniary Assembly. In the case of
absence or impediment, the role of Regent will fall to the person who was
second in the previous election..

Art. 12- In each country where there are Members of the Fraternity, a
delegate to the Regent will be appointed.

Art. 13- The Fraternity will note grant titles of nobility, prerogatives or
honours, but will confirm titles previously granted by Noble Houses,
following favourable advice from the Advisory Council.

Art. 14- The Members of the Fraternity will receive treatment as Brothers
and Sisters, and will be addressed and titled in this fashion.

Art. 15- Each and every Member must be fully committed to the objectives of
the Brotherhood.

Art. 16- The admission of a new Member will be by approval of the Chapter
General, following proposal by the Regent upon favourable advice from the
Advisory Council.

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